Walz’ Sunday night address

Walz’ Sunday night address

This is your governor lying to you, fabricating a story that suited the narrative that the protesters were pushing at the moment. Notice that you never heard an apology for this lie, either. Just chalk it up.

“Now I’d like to address what many of you have seen within the last hour – a horrifying image on our television. A semi truck illegally entering the closed freeways, appears to be, with a flammable or toxic substance, driving nearly FULL FORCE into a crowd of thousands of peaceful protesters. I’ve been briefed at this point in time the driver has been taken to Hennepin County Medical Center… umm… with injuries sustained being pulled from the vehicle… uhh Commissioner Harrington will follow up further, I believe that driver was arrested.”

John Harrington (Department of Public Safety Commissioner) says the truck was already on the freeway, didn’t go around any barricades or anything like that.

As it turns out, the driver did nothing wrong, and was pulled from his vehicle and beaten for doing his job.

Walz would not address his lie about out of staters, only saying more information is coming in.

Walz says “we’re about 30 mins away from asking you to create more space for positive change.”