Ramsey County Responds to Civil Rights Suit by Black Officers

Ramsey County Responds to Civil Rights Suit by Black Officers

Black corrections officers say they were kept off the floor where Derek Chauvin was being held.

This suit is just silly and ignorant.
Maybe just maybe, nobody actually decided that black officers could not do the job, as this suit claims.
Maybe whomever was in charge of staffing figured we have enough white officers to do this watch today so we’ll just use them instead to eliminate any small chance of any racial incident that could ensue. Its not like anyone was told they couldn’t work, or got different pay, or anything like that. For a lawsuit like this you have to prove damages.
Can anyone explain how these officers were damaged? Did they really really need to work on that floor for some reason?
I have read the suit, and the damages are very vague “I felt sick to my stomach” crap which simply does not fly when you’re talking about actual damages in court.

Think about the policy that male police officers can’t frisk a female detainee. Is that discriminatory against men?
There is a slight chance of men doing something wrong while frisking a woman, OR simply being accused of it, which is part of a liability determination in itself, and the primary reason. That’s exactly why they made the policy.

And guess what, that does not mean that males are being discriminated against for not being able to frisk females. Because there is no damage, and there are females available to do it, thus lessening liability for the department.

If male officers claimed they “felt sick to their stomach” over that disparate treatment, would that mean they were damaged? No.