Community Leader: “Bring Us the Same Resources They Brought to Protect the Buildings!”

Community Leader: “Bring Us the Same Resources They Brought to Protect the Buildings!”

He’s right. It may finally be happening – the community is realizing that they’ve been getting played by their city council members.
There is hope.

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Concerned citizen #1 (very articulate and effective, sounds just like Denzel Washington):

You all owe the community to when you leave here, just get with the Mayor, and bring back to the community, a united plan. Just like you all want people in the community to bring to you all that when you all respond, we’re being disserved by you all and the mayor, because that should not be two different things, as critical as things are right now.
I don’t care what’s on the agenda right now. Right now we are in a state of emergency and I’ve been telling you that for over a year ago now, but I won’t get into the past.
Get in that room with the Mayor. Bring us something back. I don’t give a damn what it is.
But we want all of yall here together, on the same stage. We already got what we gonna do, we gonna hold our thing down and we’ll be announcing that tomorrow, but we need yall to get the rest of the city council members, and get with the mayor. Whatever that thing is yall agree on, merge that stuff before the end of the week, and bring back marching orders to your people.
Cuz right now you guys are creating just as much division as we got on the block!
So lead it by example, and we’ll be good. I don’t give a damn about no camera!
I care about the lives thats being lost and right now everyone’s running around with they feelings on the dapling thing and our people are suffering.
Now yall elected, make it happen. Go find the mayor. I don’t care what he doing. Sit yall tails down, go through what yall got, go through what he got, merge it and then come back.
We already getting what we gonn do, I guarantee you you won’t have to look for us, but right now we need yall to step up to the plate.

Brain residue was still on the ground. Did you hear me? Brain residue was still on the ground. It aint getting no more real than that.

And if we are not saying it’s a major state of emergency that I’ve been trying to push for everybody to lock on to, which means bring us the same resources they brought to protect the buildings!

I don’t care about saying it, saying it is of no value. You all came together on that! I’m saying do the same thing for us that you do on all that.

Concerned citizen #2:

This is not about a white police officer shooting a black kid and thousands of people showing up.
This is about your community.
This is about individuals who are black who are shooting other individuals who are black. You need to come out in the thousands! You need to support!
If you belive that black lives matter, you need to come out!
If you believe that all lives matter, you need to come out!

Individuals don’t recognize that they have to suffer consequences.
If you come out as a community and support each other then they will recognize that they can’t keep on in broad daylight shooting each other.
On 35th and morgan, 27 shell casings. On merlin we counted 60 shell casings. We’ve got to stop this here, and the only way it can stop is if all of yall start coming out, and support each other.