“Protesters” on 35W drag driver of gasoline tanker out and beat him

“Protesters” on 35W drag driver of gasoline tanker out and beat him

I don’t care what you’re “protesting” – if your mob blocks a road and pulls out a driver and beats them, you are a piece of shit thug. And all onlookers who didn’t stop the thugs from beating the guy up should be in prison with them.
Regardless of our pussy Governor letting people block the roads, it is not legal and it’s not your right. And if you stand in front of a semi, as it honks at you for 21 seconds, you’re dumb as rocks in the first place.

A couple important facts for the idiots who think the driver was trying to hurt people.

  1. He was honking his horn the entire time from a half mile away (21 seconds at least, the news people are saying).
  2. He was only going 40mph so had obviously slowed down.
  3. As soon as the crowd didn’t get out of the way quick enough, he STOPPED.

If he wanted to hurt people, he wouldn’t have done any of those things. So anyone who thinks he went there to intentionally try and hurt people is dumb as rocks.

Update 5/30/20 11:09pm:
The driver was already on the freeway “while they were closing it,” didn’t pass any barricades, and had no choice but to do his job and keep driving.

Well he did have a choice, according to Walz, he could have stopped and asked the cops for a way off. Seriously, Walz said that.
Do you really believe the driver of a fucking GASOLINE TANKER is going to stop near this protest and try to flag down a cop?

No, he did the RIGHT thing. He had to keep going and not get that tanker stuck. And he honked his horn for at least 21 seconds according to KSTP and Fox9, slowed down to 40mph, and stopped. He was just trying to get through.
And they dragged him out and beat him up.
If he wanted to hurt people, he could have just kept going and barreled through them. He could have been going faster. He could have not used his horn to try to warn everyone.
Yes, you would know the intent of the driver when they slow down and honk at you for 21 seconds, and then completely stop before they hit anyone.

Update 6/1/2020 9:03am:

Now we know why the driver let them pull him out of the vehicle – at least one thug had him at gunpoint.

Here’s the full video showing the guy get beat before cops got there. This guy is VERY lucky the cops showed up immediately.
This is the KSTP version with audio