Chauvin Trial – Day 2

Chauvin Trial – Day 2

Derek Chauvin Trial – Day 2 (March 30, 2021) – 6 Witnesses


  1. Donald Williams (examination continued from previous day) – MMA trained fighter and bystander.
  2. Darnella Frazier
    The young woman (turned 18 years old last week) who recorded the infamous bystander video.
  3. Darnella’s 9 year old cousin Judeah Reynolds, who was walking with Darnella to Cup Foods.
  4. Alyssa Funari, 18, testified about driving to Cup Foods to get snacks and arriving to find officers holding Floyd on the ground.
    Funari recorded the incident with her friend’s cell phone, and yelled at the cops to get off Floyd, saying he hadn’t moved in a minute and “His eyes were closed and he was just laying there, no longer fighting or resisting.”
    “At that point, I kinda knew that he was dead or not breathing,” she said.
  5. Kaylynn Gilbert, 17, friend of Alyssa also testified about what she saw.
  6. Genevieve Hansen
    Minneapolis Firefighter, newly hired less than 1 year prior, who happened to be in the area on a stroll from her house a couple of blocks away, and who got in the officers faces and yelled at them to let her check George’s pulse, then called 911 to report that they had killed him.
    This gets tense around 8:02:00.
    8:04:40 – when asked if she heard what the police were saying to each other, she replied “no they were not talking” to which the attorney gave a frustrated “ok, alright” which was clearly meant to indicate that she was wrong and that would be shown later.
    8:10:00 – when the defense asks her about her prior statements of George Floyd being “small and frail,” she becomes a combative witness, Judge Cahill stops the questioning, has the jury removed from the courtroom, and tells her sternly that she is not to argue with the counsel or the court and to answer the questions given.

In the final minutes (watch), Judge Cahill, having been notified of someone with a cell phone outside the courtroom, in the secure area, ordered it siezed and the suspect brought before him. He then asked her to identify herself and her relationship to the case.
She identified herself as Rachael Jackson, said “I’m here with Ms. Frazier and her attorneys” and that she is a “spokesman, family, media representative” for Darnella Frazier (one of the state’s primary witnesses, the one who took the infamous bystander video).
Then the judge asked “so you’re a media representative” and she switched to “uh a PR person.”
Judge Cahill asked her what her purpose was for taking pictures on the 18th floor, where the courtroom is located.
Rachael Jackson said “the attorney general was talking with her and I just took a picture to memorialize it”
“You must delete the picture,” the Judge said.

So we know that Keith Ellison was in the hallway coaching these witnesses himself (which was obvious already).
Keith-tifa Ellison is grooming his witnesses like little boys at DeLaSalle in 1940. He owns them by promising them a rich future if they just tell his story. It’s sickening.

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