Chauvin Trial – Day 1

Chauvin Trial – Day 1

Derek Chauvin Trial – Day 1 (March 29, 2021) – Opening Statements, 3 Witnesses


  1. Jena Scurry, Minneapolis 911 Dispatcher
  2. Alisha Oiler, works at Speedway across the street, clearly doesn’t want to be involved, Catch Me Outside chick.
  3. Donald Williams, 33, entrepreneur, professional fighter, obvious steroid/speedo, so hopped up on roids he forgot how to spell his own name.

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(Source: Washington Post Livestream –

During break in the trial, the WaPo guest cites “Defenders of Chauvin,” as if they are an actual faction – in the same way HE has cited “defenders of Trump” previously.
Click here to view his nonsensical race-baiting bullshit.

That is what the WaPo does – they give airtime to those conspiracy theorists who support their ideal narrative.