5/30 Walz, Frey, Carter all LIE about people arrested being from out of state

5/30 Walz, Frey, Carter all LIE about people arrested being from out of state

After Governor Walz, Mayor Frey, and Mayor Carter ALL tried again to defend the “protestors” by claiming that most of the people arrested were from out of town. The point being that the “protestors” in Minneapolis and St. Paul are just having their message hijacked and our lovely Minneapolis residents are simply peacefully protesting. This is idiotic.

But, what do you expect as Walz, Frey, and Carter are all so used to the media covering for them, they didn’t expect they would be fact checked. Well this time it was very easy to fact check with arrest records.
And they were once again LYING in effort to appease the rioters.


Melvin Carter is walking this back now and saying he misspoke. Hennepin and Ramsey jails are saying this is not true.

At the time of the original remarks, Governor Tim Walz (D-MN) made a similar assessment, claiming that the best estimates say about 80% of the people arrested for rioting were from out-of-state. After Carter walked back the remarks, Walz was reportedly pressed on the source for his claim, and gave the following response: “I get a lot of reports from what we’re getting on the streets. Some of this is human intel that comes to us, so we’ll see tonight.”