Those who claim “nobody is defending the rioters” are damned liars

Those who claim “nobody is defending the rioters” are damned liars

I’ve been hearing this argument left and right, and let me just say it straight – it’s bullshit.

To all the people claiming “nobody is defending rioters,” and “I haven’t seen anyone defending the rioting,” you’re damned liars and you know it.
Take this tweet for example, just one of the first I found in literally 5 seconds – one if thousands like it – with 50,000 likes.
That is defending rioters, so if you are claiming nobody is defending rioters, you’re a damned liar.

Anyone who defends rioters is a useless piece of human debris. You will try to justify it to yourself, but just know you are the worst kind of scumbag.
No argument. That’s the truth. There is ZERO excuse for looting Target, (unless Target did something to you, which they did not), and your defending the rioters makes you an immoral piece of shit.

Here is Don Lemon, on his national “News” show, interviewing Spike Lee (for whatever reason, because he’s black I guess):

Spike Lee: people are reacting the way they really HAVE TO, to be heard… because people fed up and people tired…”

Don Lemon (at 3:30): “when people were protesting on state houses, with… carrying their assault rifles and people said i don’t understand why they’re carrying assault rifles but I respect it’s their right under the constitution, this is the same thing.”

Of course he finished off by saying “i’m not condoning violence or anything,” but that doesn’t change the fact that he WAS – by telling people nationwide that burning and looting businesses is the same as people peacefully assembling with firearms.

Um no, Donny, no it’s NOT the same thing at all. You do not have a constitutional right to loot and burn other people’s businesses, and you ARE condoning it by telling people on national TV that it’s “the same thing” as an actual constitutionally protected activity.
In other words, the fact that you don’t understand why people would carry firearms is NOT the same as the fact that we don’t understand why people are looting target.

Also, Spike Lee’s comments at the beginning are abhorrent. To equate what is happening in the United States to black people right now, to 400 years of slavery and Jim Crow is disgusting, immoral, and patently false. I can’t believe that black Americans let these people get away with diminishing the evils of slavery and Jim Crow constantly. It’s sickening, historically ignorant bullshit.