Mayor Frey shouted down for not pledging to defund police

Mayor Frey shouted down for not pledging to defund police

It is always delicious watching the left eat their own.
The latest display comes courtesy of Mayor Frey.
It should tell the leftist protesters something when even Mayor Frey isn’t stupid enough to take this suggestion seriously. But they won’t learn, they are continuing to push this absolutely insane idea. Good job, democrats, as usual all you had to do to win in November is NOT BE CRAZY, but you had to go full batshit.

“Jacob Frey, we have a yes or no question for you,” an organizer said into the microphone. “Yes or no, will you commit to defunding Minneapolis’s police department?” she asked.

“What did I say? We don’t want no more police. It’s that clear … It is a yes or a no, will you defund the Minneapolis Police Department?” the organizer continued when Frey didn’t answer the question.

“It’s important that we hear this because if y’all don’t know, he’s up for re-election next year. And if he says no, guess what the fuck we gonna do next year.”

“I do not support the abolition of the police department,” the mayor’s answered, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Protesters began chanting, “Go home Jacob, go home! Go home Jacob, go home!”

And the full walk of shame is the 2nd video – they literally chanted “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME” at him. This the religion of wokeness (credit Ben Shapiro) on full display. Its a religion, and the God is racism.