Leftists lie about truck driver’s text messages to fuel unrest

Leftists lie about truck driver’s text messages to fuel unrest

Last night, shortly after the unfortunate events on the 35W bridge resulting in an innocent man who was just doing his job being pulled from his vehicle at gunpoint and beaten, leftist agitators immediately pounced on the opportunity to create a narrative that the driver was some sort of nazi trying to kill them all.

Even though this didn’t make sense for any of the obvious (to rational people) reasons – which were clear on video from the beginning – they created this narrative in their bubble and spread it.

It turned out to all be bullshit, but the real story was the amount of morons who were repeating these lies, which any logical person would find alarming.

Any rational person who saw the video shared my reaction – this doesn’t make sense, as the driver obviously didn’t want to hurt anybody, as was clear in the video, so I’m sure it’s false (thus the reason I decided to bet this chick $100 on that fact):

So what did we learn when the actual texts came out? It was all a lie. Here are the actual texts that the idiot on Instagram was referring to:

So, here are the things they fabricated:
1. They changed “my next load” to “my next low”
Obviously the guy was just texting his buddy where his next load is. Nothing nefarious about that.
2. They strung together his 2 texts with his friend’s reply as if he had sent them all. He didn’t. His friend was the one who said “It’s been good knowing ya buddy! good luck” in between.
3. This context makes it obvious that the 3rd text – “Nobody else wants to do it” – is only referring to delivering his load of gasoline – not mowing people over, as these idiot leftists were lying to create the impression of.
4. And finally, another important point is this was clearly a group text, with 4 other people. And of course none of the other 4 have been arrested, because the whole idea that these texts show maliciousness is absolute bullshit.

This is what you get from leftists. LIES.
That is why I will put money on them lying whenever I see a fishy piece of information from them, and I’m always right.

By the way, they are dishonest as well.
I’ve been messaging this chick Emily Louise Svien and she’s not replying, so apparently she has no intention of actually honoring her bet.
Obviously I was ready to shell out $100 if I was wrong, as I even replied to her yesterday with a link so she could save our contract:

Dishonest, immoral, cowards.

Update 6/1/2020 7:49pm:

Emily has replied, and basically just confirmed that she is reneging on the bet, her word means nothing, she is a dishonest person, etc.. well not in so many words, but you get the just. This is not surprising, obviously, as we all know how dishonest leftists are, and must keep calling them out for their flagrant dishonesty.

(… umm actually that was the bet… this is not rocket surgery, lady….)

So, once again, the lesson of the day, and every day, is never trust leftists.