Chauvin Trial – Day 4

Chauvin Trial – Day 4

Derek Chauvin Trial – Day 4 (April 1, 2021)


1. Courteney Ross – Floyd’s girlfriend

The day Courteney Ross met George Floyd, he asked if he could pray with her.

Ross testified that she met Floyd in August 2017 while he was working as a security guard at The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center, a homeless shelter that provides addiction recovery.

Through Ross’s testimony, jurors learned that Floyd was hospitalized in March 2020 for an overdose. Ross said that when she took him to the hospital, she noticed some “foam” building at the corner of his mouth.

Ross also revealed the male passenger in the Mercedes SUV seen in the body-worn camera videos had sold drugs to Floyd in the past, specifically oxy and meth pills.

2. Seth Bravinder – Hennepin County EMS paramedic

Explained he left and drove a few blocks away before stopping to try to resuscitate Floyd.

3. Derek Smith – Hennepin County EMS paramedic

4. Minneapolis Fire Capt. Jeremy Norton

5. Retired Minneapolis Police Department Sgt. David Pleoger – the Sergeant that dispatcher Jena Scurry called when she expressed concern about things she was seeing on the pole camera across from Cup Foods.

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